Election Candidate and Ballot Notice

Chief and Council Election Candidates

Here are your candidates for Binche Whut’en’s first Chief and Council Election.

Chief (On-Reserve:) (1)

  • Gerald Anatole (Won by Acclamation)

Elder (On-Reserve): (2)

  • Barry Duncan
  • Stanley Tom

General (On-Reserve): (3)

  • Russel Haskell
  • Dwayne Martin
  • Johnny Tom

General (Off-Reserve): (1)

  • Theresa Morris (Won by Acclamation)

Youth (On-Reserve): (2)

  • Keegan Joseph
  • Jarod Tom

Dear Binche Whut’en Member:

Welcome to your first Binche Whut’en Chief and Council Election following the Binche Whut’en Election Code created by you the Band Members, and adopted by the Interim Chief and Council and approved by Indigenous Services Canada.

Firstly, I would like to advise that not all of the Nominees you have seen posted will be appearing on the ballot form itself. This could be due to one or more of the following reasons:
Some nominees have declined their nominations.
Some nominees have neither accepted or declined their nominations which make the nomination null and void as of December 26, 2019.

Some nominees have accepted but were not eligible Candidates for reasons such as:
•    Nominated under a category that they were not eligible for i.e.
•    Off-Reserve members nominated for On-reserve positions.
•    Are in arrears and are not eligible.
•    Failure of, or failure to, submit a Criminal Record Check.
•    Failure to sign the Declaration regarding lawsuits.
•    Failure to sign the additional Declaration regarding the Criminal Records Check due to the delay in getting them back from the RCMP.

As per Item 46 (page 13) of the Election Code, the Electoral Officer must mail and/or email, all Off-reserve Electors on the Voters List for which there is a known postal or email address, a package.

The Election starts on January 7, 2020 and closes on January 14, 2020 . We have to ensure that members have enough time to receive their ballots and to get them sent out so we can get them back in time. With the Post Office being closed different days due to the holidays it would make it too hard for us to get the mail in ballots if we didn’t extend the date.

On-line voters will be able to do electronic voting from January 7, 2020 at 8:00 A.M. to January 14, 2020 at 8:00 P.M. Members can come in to the Binche Administration office on January 14, 2020 if they want to vote in person.

If you are going to vote electronically please destroy your mail-in ballots as you cannot do both as that would be voting twice.

In conclusion, make sure you exercise your right to vote.

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