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Binche Community Bus


Binche Whut’en celebrated the ribbon cutting ceremony of the Community Bus at Binche Community Center on Monday February 26th.

The Community Bus service provides safe, reliable and affordable transportation to the communities of Binche, Tl’azt’en, Nak’azdli, Vanderhoof and Fort St. James. Binche is appreciative of the financial support from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, Tanizul Timber, Tl’azt’en Nation, Northern Spirit Transportation, Dunkley Lumber and Conifex.

DSC_6691Rebecca Murdock lives in the community of Binche and welcomes this new initiative because she now has reliable transportation to her medical appointments. Murdock is pregnant with her second child and remembers hitchhiking into Fort St. James for her prenatal appointments during the winter during her first pregnancy. Rebecca made her best effort to arrange transportation however it was not always reliable so she looks forward to riding the bus into town for medical appointments.

“The services that are being provided by this essential service is very welcoming, now many members of the northern communities can have a safe ride to the District of Fort St James and to Vanderhoof. Now the family members of those whom use to hitchhike may be able to put their minds at ease, knowing their family member(s) are getting safely to the places they need to go.”

Chief Alexander McKinnon

Nak’azdli Whut’en

487b3a296a5787c7fc6ed86e5f9ac869“We are pleased to join other partners in celebrating the launch of the Community Bus project,” said Ken Shields, Chair and CEO of Conifex Timber Inc.  “I applaud the inclusive approach taken by Binche Keyoh Bu Society to provide public transportation options to all stakeholders in the Fort St James community.”

“On behalf of Council for the District of Fort St James I would like to congratulate Binche Keyoh on the launching of their new community bus project.  This will provide a much-needed transportation service within the communities of Binche, Tl’azt’en, Nak’azdli and Fort St James for those individuals who do not have access to personal modes of travel. Thank you for taking the initiative to develop this opportunity and best of luck with your new venture.”

Mayor Rob MacDougall

DSC_6702District of Fort St James

“Communities working together is key to helping those that are in need to moving forward, reaching out helps everyone. It is very wonderful to see this bus service not only meet the demand but connect our communities to assist in our everyday needs. Thank-you to everyone who were instrumental to working together in making this service a reality.” Josh Hallman.

The Community Bus provides safe transportation, promotes economic development by creating employment opportunities and creates partnerships. For further information, contact Josh Hallman or Dave Birdi at Binche Community Center at telephone 250-648-3232 or email

Binche Whut’en vision statement:  Binche Whut’en, a proud and unified people, work together to ensure improved quality of life, build capacity, and develop a sustainable, self-reliant, vibrant community that is built upon historical and traditional values of our community. Original way.