Housing Application

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Purpose of this Form

The purpose of this form is to:

  • determine eligibility;
  • assess housing need; and
  • determine the housing options suited to your needs.

This form collects personal information in accordance with section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The housing department will only use your information for the purposes itemized above. The complied information from these application is used to develop a Housing Registry.

Other Important Information

The Housing Department is used by housing providers to review applications as units become available. Housing providers may also gather updated information on all household members, including income and assets, and may complete additional checks to assess a household’s ability to uphold the obligations of a tenancy agreement. This may include reference checks, personal interviews and/or reviewing information available from public sources such as Court Services Online and police websites. In addition housing providers may require consent to perform a criminal record checks and/or to obtain information from other private sources.

Applicants who are offered and accept a housing unit must sign a tenancy agreement and may be required to sign additional tenancy agreement addendums covering topics such as pet, parking, laundry, smoking, crime free housing, etc.

Rental Criteria for eligibility with Binche First Nation

To qualify for rental housing, you must be able to live independently and meet all of the following criteria:

  • Applicant’s gross household income must equal or exceed $14,400 per year.
    • Verification of fulltime/part-time employment
    • Verification of Pension or other income
  • Applicants must have no outstanding debt from any previous tenancy with Binche Housing in the past 7 years. Applicants with outstanding debt will be asked to pay in full, or enter into a repayment plan for the outstanding amount.
  • Previous Landlord references
  • Demonstrate available funds for 1st month’s rent and security deposit

Suitable housing is assessed based according to the following categories: Families, Seniors and Adults with Disabilities, Singles and Couples. The following provides the criteria for these categories:

  • A family is defined as a minimum of two people, including one dependent child.
  • A senior is minimum 60 years of age.
  • Adults with disabilities can live independently and are in receipt of a recognized disability pension or considered disabled for income tax purposes

Potential Exclusion Criteria

Applicants may be excluded from consideration for Housing if any of the following apply:

  • Unsatisfactory tenancy history (based on landlord references, receipt of notices to end tenancies, or review of past tenancies with Tl’azt’en Housing.)
  • Provision of false or fraudulent information.
  • Failure to provide documents as requested, or consent as needed to verify information provided and to determine eligibility.
  • Unable to demonstrate an ability to pay rent and/or failure to apply for and receive income from employment, Old Age Security and/or Canada Pension Plan.
    Do not meet residency requirements.
  • Unable to live independently without assisted living supports.
  • Deliberately worsened current housing situation. (throwing parties, property damage, etc. leading to an eviction or loss of home).
  • Demonstration of unacceptable behaviors either in relation to a tenancy or in the community at large that may threaten the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of a community by others.
  • If there is cause to believe that a household member is engaging in or has a history of criminal activity that may threaten the health, safety or right of peaceful enjoyment of the community by others, including the manufacturing or production of illegal drugs.

Note: Applicants who may be potentially excluded based on any of the above will be provided with an opportunity to provide additional information and/or documentation in support of their application to demonstrate suitability as a potential tenant. Each application and supporting documents shall be evaluated on its own merit.

Mandatory Exclusion Criteria

The Housing Registry will not accept applications from individuals or members of a household that have been convicted of or who have outstanding charges related to sexual interference with a child and/or possession of child pornography.

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