Band Transfer Forms

Below you will find links to post-separation statement of consent forms for transferring to Binche Whut’en. These forms are different than the previous statement of consent forms, as these one’s require a Band Council Resolution. These are not only open to Tl’azt’en members wishing to transfer to Binche Whut’en, but for anyone from any other band wishing to transfer to Binche Whut’en. This process normally takes about 6 months, but INAC has approved the expediting of these documents temporarily so anyone who missed out on the previous process can still transfer to Binche in a timely matter. Keep in mind this is only temporary. After this expedited process ends, we’ll revert back to the normal 6 month process. For minor consent forms we still require signatures from both parents. Copies of legal documents for custody or record of death must be provided if the other parent is not available to sign, or legal guardianship documents must be provided. If you can not contact the other parent for other reasons, a Statement in Lieu of Parent Signature form must be signed. Right now we are prioritizing reaching out and getting these documents filled.

If you require assistance, or want to confirm you, or your family are on the Binche band list, you may contact me at the Binche Band Office at 250-648-3232, or my direct line at 778-300-2485. You can also email me at or fax me at 1-778-300-2507

Unfortunately we require originals, so emailed or faxed documents will not be excepted. You can print out these documents, fill them out, then mail to the following address.

Paul Haskell
204 Mandine Dr. PO Box 2039
Fort St. James BC V0J 1P0

Transfering from Tl’azt’en to Binche

Transfer Consent (Tl’azt’en to Binche)
Transfer Consent Minor (Tl’azt’en to Binche)

Transfering from Other band

Transfer Consent Minor (Other to Binche)
Transfer Consent Adult (Other to Binche)

Statement in Lieu of Parent’s Signature.

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